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We spend a lot of time reviewing and recommending casinos and different casino games here at Best Casino Games. One thing we know is that we love playing online slots. That makes sense, since casino slots are so exciting and easy to play.

Immerse yourself in the action, perhaps enjoying a game. Check out some of our recommended slot casinos for free or real money below, most of which also offer mobile slot games:

Top Slot Games

How to Play Slots Online

1. Select the pay lines you would like, along with the number of credits you want to bet per line. For example, you might pick nine pay lines and bet 1-5 credits on each.

2. Spin the slots!

3. When you hit a winning combination, your winnings will automatically be added to your credit meter. After that, it’s up to you! Either cash out and call it a day or keep on spinning!

Free Online Slots Game

Playing for free is a great way to test a casino and get the hang of a slot game. Want to play free slots games? Try Hallmark Casino slots for fun! No deposit or registration required, just go to the banner at the bottom of the page and try your luck.

Slots Odds

Slots will offer you the chance at a big jackpot, and that’s something few other games can do. Many of the most popular casino games offer odds that return no more than what you bet, but with a game like Safari Sam, a jackpot of millions could be won with the small investment of a single dollar. The odds of hitting any combination never go down. That makes the experience much more exiting!

Game Objective

Slots are a game of chance, and winning has everything to do with getting the right symbols lined up at the right time. The game involves matching symbols, such as fruits, letters, numbers or simple shapes, across pay lines to create winning combinations. Most games allow a variety of winning combos, and you can check for these before you start to play. If you match any of these combinations, you win!

Different Types of Online Slots

Classic Slots: Classic slots feature three reels, with symbols such as bars, cherries, 7s and more.

Video Slots: Video slots like Sugar Pop usually feature five reels and multiple pay lines, creating more ways to win. They are also called 5 reel slots sometimes.

Progressives Slots: Every time players spin a progressive slot, a portion of their bet counts toward a gigantic jackpot connected to every player within that game’s network. These jackpots don’t reset until one lucky winner earns the whole pot.

Special Features in Slots Online

Bonus Games: Video slot reels feature some symbols — usually scatter symbols — that trigger fun bonus games where players can win even more money.

Free Spins: Free spin bonus rounds allow players to spin the reels free of charge while keeping all their winnings. Free spin rounds are usually triggered by combinations of symbols — again, usually scatter symbols. Based on how many of those symbols a player lands, he or she gets entry into a free spin round with varying multipliers.

Multipliers: When multipliers are in effect, players receive extra winnings every time they hit on a spin. Multipliers are usually triggered during free spin rounds. In the Lord of the Rings slot game, for example, the wild symbols also act as multipliers during the free spin bonus round, leading to big paydays for lucky players.

Top 5 Tips for Slots

Notice the number of pay lines: Players scouting out new slot games should pay attention to the number of pay lines available on each slot. Some games have more than others, and those games offer more ways for players to win.

Slim your stakes, not your lines: If you don’t want to place a maximum bet, it’s better to skimp on the size of your coins rather than bet fewer pay lines. Players should always try to play the full number of pay lines, as that gives them the best chance to win.

Play for fun: The reason we all love playing slots is for the fun of it. Let yourself enjoy the hot streaks and jackpots, but don’t be afraid to back off for the day if Drake Casino isn’t giving you the time.

Payout ratios: Different games have different payout percentages, but games also tend to payout at different rates of regularity. Generally, games that offer big jackpots pay out less regularly, so if you want to avoid a long losing streak at all costs, finding a game with more regular hits might be the way to go.

Enjoy the simplicity: Slots can seem like complicated beasts, but really, they’re about as easy to play as it gets. Just follow the instructions outlined in our How to Play section above and have a good time!


If you’re looking for a quick escape and some good fast fun, slots are your game. Slot games allow a high payoff, and you don’t have to study up on a slew of rules before you play your first game. If its slots you’re after, you can really just jump right in and play online slots, and have a great time!